Treatment of Tooth sensitivity

Owing to years of use, teeth will wear off on the biting surfaces. This can be accelerated in people who have a strong bite, or have a habit of clenching their teeth especially in times of emotional stress.

In other cases, it is done at night and the person may not even be aware of such a habit (nocturnal bruxism).

Certain cases of tooth wear and sensitivity will be caused by erosion from acid containing foods like oranges and carbonated drinks (the colas).

When the teeth wear off, the inside sensitive part (the dentine) will be exposed.

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The dentine has small micro tubules that communicate with the pulp (nerve chamber) of the teeth. This explains why your teeth will start becoming sensitive especially to cold foods.

For sensitive teeth, the dentist will recommend a desensitizing toothpaste. In extreme cases of habitual clenching, the dentist will advise you to wear a night guard appliance which will cap the biting tooth surfaces preventing excessive contact and wear.

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"I had this annoying on and off toothache for like six months but I also had this strong fear of the dentist. One of my friends who had been to Neptune dental clinic encouraged me to go there. The dentist told me the tooth was severely damaged and had to be removed, unfortunately. The dentist was very gentle and kept pausing to check whether I was okay. I was expecting a lot of pain but I was surprised. After the numbing injection at the beginning, I did not feel any pain during the extraction. Thank you Dr. Billy"


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