By Dr. Samantha Kachwinya (BDS)
Dental Surgeon
Neptune Dental Clinic

Every dentist has faced the dilemma of treating a very anxious and uncooperative child.
It is equally frustrating for the parent especially where gentle persuasion seems to have failed.

A typical 4 or 5 year old is usually scared of the unknown, pain, new environments, new people and the sheer prospect of being separated from their parents; and no where are these fears more compounded than at the dentist.

For a child who is medically compromised or very anxious and where a lot of dental work is needed, gentle persuasion might not be enough to get the work done.

It seems much easier to consider putting a child into a light sleep (sedation) and doing the work with better and sustainable results. This also takes away the stress from the parent and the child. When we avoid the “running battles” with the children, we make them more trusting and less anxious at subsequent visits.


How do we go about it?

If your child needs sedation, you will be given pre-sedation instructions to start after midnight the day before the procedure.

The doctor will first review the child’s medical history and examine the child and take the vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, and breathing) and these will continue to be monitored throughout the procedure. The sleep inducing (sedation) medication will be administered.
The child is then sedated lightly but can be aroused from the sleep at any time.

The dental treatment is then carried out peacefully and the child will not feel any pain or remember any details of the treatment.
Happy child. Happy parent. Happy dental team!

Contact us at Neptune Dental Clinic for more details about the sedation option for your child. We shall be glad to have all your questions answered.