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All you need to know about our  tooth cleaning services.

I have heard that tooth cleaning weakens the teeth, is this true?

Tooth cleaning doesnot weaken your teeth at all. Professional tooth cleaning aims at removing the plaque and tartar deposits that cause gum irritation especially at the gum line. Tooth cleaning does not remove or strip the outer enamel layer of your teeth. It’s perfectly safe and healthy and recommended for the health of your teeth and gums.


Does tooth cleaning cause my teeth to become sensitive?

Tooth cleaning does NOT cause tooth sensitivity.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity after your cleaning, it will be a result of a pre-existing gum recession (gums peeling away from the teeth) leaving portions of the roots of the teeth usually sheltered by the gums exposed.

Tooth sensitivity can also be the result of many other situations in which the teeth are worn off for example through rough or abrasive tooth brushing, or tooth grinding that exposes the inner sensitive dentine layer of your teeth. In addition to this, teeth often become sensitive if they have cavities (tooth decay).

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, all hope is not lost. Please inform your dentist. A wide range of treatments including fillings and use of desensitizer toothpastes are available at our centre and you will be advised on what to do according to the severity of the tooth sensitivity and/or its underlying cause.


How often should I go for tooth Cleaning?

It is advisable to have a dental check up and tooth cleaning every six months.
We know that even the most careful tooth brusher will often encounter some hard to reach areas especially at the back of the mouth.

A professional cleaning (also known as scale and polish) will leave all your teeth clean and smooth so that the surfaces do not easily trap food when you eat. All the surface stains will be cleaned leaving all your teeth cleaner, your gums healthy and your breath fresher.

What’s not to like?

So be sure to book your appointment with us for your next tooth cleaning.



Calculus or ‘tartar’ is a hard deposit that forms on the teeth if proper and regular tooth brushing is not practiced. It is formed from hardened (mineralized) food particles and also contains bacteria which cause gum swelling and bleeding.

If the calculus is not removed the bacteria will break down the gums and supporting structures of the teeth causing loosening of the teeth.

Treatment of gum disease is usually in form of cleaning (scale and polish) and improvement in oral hygiene.

Once the calculus is removed the gum bleeding will reduce over the following weeks. This treatment will be faster if you improve your tooth brushing regularity and efficiency.

Healthy gums have an orange peel texture and will not bleed when you brush your teeth. Scaling and polishing will help the dentist identify any other problems in your teeth and advise you accordingly. And last but certainly not least, the cleaning will leave your breath and your smile fresh.

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"I had this annoying on and off toothache for like six months but I also had this strong fear of the dentist. One of my friends who had been to Neptune dental clinic encouraged me to go there. The dentist told me the tooth was severely damaged and had to be removed, unfortunately. The dentist was very gentle and kept pausing to check whether I was okay. I was expecting a lot of pain but I was surprised. After the numbing injection at the beginning, I did not feel any pain during the extraction. Thank you Dr. Billy"


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