Root Canal Treatment

rtc1Teeth which have deeper cavities will often be more painful; with the pain usually starting on its own and lasting for long spells especially at night. You may also experience pain on biting.

This is usually a sign that the decay involves the nerve chamber (pulp) of the tooth.



The treatment for this kind of advanced tooth decay is either root canal treatment or extraction (removal) of the tooth.

Root canal treatment involves removal of the infected nerves tissue. The canals of the tooth are then cleaned out and shaped to receive an artificial filling (root filling). The whole treatment is usually done it three visits, usually spaced one week apart.


On the last visit, the permanent filling is placed on the tooth.


The symptoms might subside even before the last visit, but the whole treatment must be completed. Endeavour to attend all the visits as recommended by the dentist. After the root canal treatment is completed, there should be no more symptoms associated with the tooth because it is now devoid of all living tissue.

However, because of the nature of the procedure and the initial extent of decay, there is usually a substantial loss of tooth structure.


In addition, root canal treatment removes all the living tissue in the tooth, replacing it with artificial filling. Without the hydrating properties of the pulp contents, the tooth dries out and becomes very BRITTLE and the remaining tooth crown could easily fracture.

The dentist will advise you to have an artificial crown placed on the tooth within six months after root canal is completed


The crown will ensure that the tooth remain s intact for many years even after root canal treatment.

Is Root canal treatment painful?

Now we all know that root canal treatment has garnered such a bad reputation in popular culture and has been notoriously depicted in the movies as a horrible experience. This couldn’t be further from the reality.

At Neptune Dental we believe that none of our treatments (including root canal treatments) should be painful experiences.
Before your dentist starts the root canal treatment, he/she will take time to explain to you what the procedure entails. Local anaesthetic (numbing medication) will be administered gently to sufficiently numb the tooth to be treated. After the anaesthetic has taken full effect, the root canal treatment can be done without any discomfort.

After the procedure, you will often be given medication to take care of any post visit soreness and appropriate follow ups will be made to ensure that you do not have toothache again.

So the next time your dentist indicates that you need a root canal treatment, take heart. Compared to the undesirable consequences of losing your tooth, the root canal treatment is definitely worth every effort.

Our Root canal treatments are usually done in three visits. These are usually one week apart; so that’s one appointment per week for three weeks. Endeavor to attend all the visits in their allocated time until the treatment is completed. Where necessary, ask the dentist about our flexible installment payment plan for your root canal treatment.


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"I had this annoying on and off toothache for like six months but I also had this strong fear of the dentist. One of my friends who had been to Neptune dental clinic encouraged me to go there. The dentist told me the tooth was severely damaged and had to be removed, unfortunately. The dentist was very gentle and kept pausing to check whether I was okay. I was expecting a lot of pain but I was surprised. After the numbing injection at the beginning, I did not feel any pain during the extraction. Thank you Dr. Billy"


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