Dental health education

Dental Hygiene and Prevention of tooth Decay

Tooth brushing

Dental flossing

Dental flossing is an easy and effective way of cleaning in between the teeth. Unlike toothpicks dental floss doesn’t cause gum injury.

Visit a dentist for a check up after every six months

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Remember to have a professional scale and polish done once a year or as recommended by the dentist

sweet dangerRemember to cut down on the amount of high sugar foods in your diet especially those taken in between meals. This, alongside regular tooth cleaning will ensure that your teeth remain healthy and strong.

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"I had this annoying on and off toothache for like six months but I also had this strong fear of the dentist. One of my friends who had been to Neptune dental clinic encouraged me to go there. The dentist told me the tooth was severely damaged and had to be removed, unfortunately. The dentist was very gentle and kept pausing to check whether I was okay. I was expecting a lot of pain but I was surprised. After the numbing injection at the beginning, I did not feel any pain during the extraction. Thank you Dr. Billy"


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