Dental Fillings

Tooth Fillings

Teeth which have developed cavities will need to be filled to prevent further decay. This can only be done in one dentist appointment if the decay has not progressed to involve the nerve chamber of the tooth. At this stage, you may experience pain or sensitivity on eating which usually subsides after eating.

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The dentist will clean out all the decay in the tooth before a filling can be placed.

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Permanent fillings can either be in the form of the grey silver amalgam fillings… or the tooth coloured (composite).

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Tooth coloured fillings are not as durable as the silver amalgam type. Although they provide a better appearance, they can stain over time and will tend to shrink into themselves; they therefore need to be replaced after a couple of years. These fillings are better suited for the restoration of the front teeth.

Tooth coloured fillings are also suitable for fillings of cavities on the front parts of the teeth near the gums (cervical margins). Such cavities may have been caused by aggressive tooth brushing or decay.

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Silver amalgam fillings on the other hand are more durable and better adapted to withstand the chewing (occlusal) forces in the back teeth.    

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The dentist will help you make an informed choice about the choice of filling to use depending on the situation at hand.





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