Modern Clinic

Our equipment, materials and level of service delivery are constantly aligned with modern and contemporary industry standards

Forward Thinking

Our practice is constantly in-tuned with the latest innovations in dental research in order to better our service at every opportunity

Problem Solvers

The smile of a happy and satisfied client makes our day!

Customer Care

Our friendly and professional staff aim at giving our patients a comfortable experience in all our procedures while ensuring satisfactory results at all times.

Our Mission

To provide effective curative, restorative, preventive and cosmetic dental treatments to suit every patient’s individual needs, in a safe and modern environment

Our Vision

To become a state of the art dental centre, growing with new industry trends and innovations in providing dental treatment with results that exceed our patient’s expectations

Our Values

We seek to be professional, honest, accountable and collaborative in our quest to provide the very best in dental care.

Our Story

At the very core of our existence, as underlined by our values, lies the inherent desire and objective of client satisfaction and safety. Our preparations therefore begin way before the patient walks through our doors because we understand the sensitivity of the service we provide and we believe that every patient must receive our undivided attention and care.

We also understand that our patients entrust us with their health every time they come in for treatment and it is therefore our responsibility to ensure their safety through the use of safe and approved procedures and materials in addition to maintaining strict adherence to the highest standard of sterilization protocols at all times. We also have a standard patient dental health education program to empower our clients to be able to curtail the development of new dental problems, and to harness the positive trend in the results of our treatments.

Our staff is trained, friendly and professional. Our equipment is up to date and in impeccable condition. At Neptune dental we believe in continued growth and expansion in order to align ourselves with the ever growing world of dentistry as clearly spelt out in our vision.